Rereading all the articles published in this group, I realized some aspects that perhaps require a justification. The first is the recurrence of some issues in a sort of intersection of tormentoni that could appear as repetitions, but instead represent, unfortunately, the reaffirming in different eras of the same unresolved issues.

The Government is responsible for the things happening in the country and they must take immediate steps for the corruption and other illegal activities. But now what is really going on is, the government itself does all the corruption and the political parties are the ones who have a lot of black money. We all should feel ashamed for choosing this type of politicians to sit on the chief minister and prime minister post.

Both the state and the central government should be very active in hearing the words of the common people as there are still many issues like poverty, unemployment, even teasing, raping and much more. When the government does do not take actively take any severe actions against all these criminal things, the culprits will pursue doing the same illegal things.

Do you want to change over the method of choosing the right person to occupy the most important seats in government?

I really would like to change it because the politicians play a very major role in casting the duplicate votes of the people. Is this a thing to appreciate? Never. I can also say the common audience is also a part of all the criminal activities, as many people do not wish to cast their votes on the voting booths and this is the main reason for the duplicate votes. This should be changed and some awareness must be created among the people and convey them all about the importance of voting and the election.

Even a single vote makes a miserable changeover and so we all should keep in mind that we are the most responsible ones for selecting the right persons. When the politician is not educated and illiterate, then how the country becomes a developed country?

The dream of every politician should be to make the country a well developed and equipped one.

The people should also cooperate with the government to achieve the target by casting the vote on the right person.

A very good administration skill is mandatory for politicians to rule society in a good manner. The ruling party should think massively and work hard for the welfare of the public.

There is a registration form available online to talk to our government people directly and give our suggestions and complaints. This is really useful for all of us as meeting a great minister in person is not at all a possible thing. The common people can visit here and pour all your feedbacks in the panel.

One is that which concerns precisely the relationship between the cultural right and the political right, a problem posed by Ernesto Galli della Loggia in the Corriere della sera of 19 July of the current year. Galli della Loggia reiterates, like many others, that the Right does not consolidate its consensus because it has not been able to acquire a complex of common values ​​and has not been able to translate them into slogans and convey them effectively and permanently to the voters.