The liberal political scientist, in fact, believes that the values ​​to be “collectivized” are a meritocracy, competition, efficiency and risk, virtues that we find in “good administration” but that we do not believe can be the glue of a national community.

The politicians and the ministers are the backbones for the welfare of the society and so if they are not powerful and they misuse the power of their posts, then the country’s development gets collapsed and the chances of the development become very low. Some of the political parties have a thought that anything can be achieved predominantly with the money. So, they come forward to issue fund to the voters to cast their votes on the politicians. But this should be changed and the people must stop getting the amount for their votes.

Votes are the rights of human beings in a society and it should never be treated in a bad manner. It is possible to make a great and positive change in the country when the people start casting their votes on the right person.

We would have seen in many elections, a single vote made a drastic change over in the government. There is a saying that the Government is to the people, of the people and for the people.

Do you all think the government is running in the same way? No, not at all. The political parties are misusing their great posts and cheating the common public without doing a single powerful change. This is truly like the Slimnazer which kills the fat from the body and the same way the politicians hack everything from the voting public.

The audience should try to make a literate youngster to run the society because the young people are the future of the country and os it is better to choose them and make them sit in the five years post.

No government and the political people take action against the poverty line. We are still able to see the poor people are running their lives in the slum area even without having a concrete house building. This is really a shameful thing and we the common public are the main reasons behind all these things.

The audience ought to think about the positives and negatives the politicians have done to us and then decide the person to sit on the permanent chair. Nowadays no politician is good and they are all trying to get all the money from the poor fellow people and would like to have a fantastic and luxurious lifestyle. At last the voters are the ones who get the only disappointments and so it is our duty to choose the wisest one to rule the country in a positive way.

So, do the voting for the outstanding person you think and enjoy the enormous way of ruling.

The sense of identity, on which both social solidarity is founded, and the defense of the national interest, appears to us a common denominator certainly more solid, lasting and understandable to build a Right that, at least in consensus, wants to be popular and not elitist. although the fundamental values ​​of the right proposed by Galli della Loggia are very different from ours.

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